Brinny (brin_bailey) wrote,

rare fandom post!

So. Gossip Girl.

Um. Dan is Gossip Girl? Okay. Sure. HOW? I'm Natefused. Like a lot. Even if you look at it from the perspective that he would posts blasts about himself so he'd be viewed as popular enough to be gossiped about, how many times did that dude email himself? Why would he be surprised that Nate and Jenny were hooking up if he was the one who broke the news? Why would he need to ask GG questions (like where Serena was, multiple times) for answers he already had? How did he post blasts while simultaneously reading them on his phone? Like, it doesn't make sense. Right? AND WHY? Seriously, folks. WHY?

Oh, show. What did you do?

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Tags: fandom: gossip girl
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