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afterall: a lucky and elizabeth fanmix

everybody has their first otp. mine was lucky spencer and elizabeth webber. they were basically the most adorable thing that ever adorabled. honest.

if you don't know who i'm talking about, then it's possible that you didn't spend copious amounts of your summer/spring/winter vacation sitting inside watching soap operas and instead enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. you know, like a normal kid. not me. i watched lucky and liz go on adventures together. i watched them smile and laugh and cry. i watched them hold hands and kiss and fall in love (and not even in that order). i watched them exchange vows and promises. i watched them go through loss and heartbreak and pain. i watched them become best friends and almost lovers. and it's a soap opera, so i watched lucky "die" and i watched elizabeth's grief.

and then i got older and i watched as lucky was recast with a very life-like ken doll. i watched as the characters ruined each other. i watched them cheat and hurt and lie. i watched them get married and i watched them fall apart. i watched them find their way back only to be destroyed again. i watched them become parents. i watched lucky (the third incarnation this time) to be seemingly always without a shirt. (i did not complain. i'm only human.)

and ten years after i'd first started watching (but probably more than a few years after i'd stop watching in general), i watched as they brought back the first lucky. the lucky who was somehow both sarcastic and earnest. the lucky who sang elizabeth songs on his guitar. the lucky who said the cheesiest things ("she's the best thing that ever happened. i don't just mean to me. i mean the best thing that ever happened.") that still made you swoon because of how he looked when he said them. the lucky who elizabeth (and me) fell in love with. i watched magic happen*.

...and it's a soap opera, so i watched them crash and burn in the most spectacularly disgusting fashion. i watched lucky leave for the nth time.

but they were still lucky and elizabeth. and they were still my otp. and never in my life have i hoped and wished two characters would have their happily ever after.

which is all my very long-winded way of saying that i made them a little ep-style fanmix. enjoy.

just not each other by william fitzsimmons


loved you first when we were children
you broke my heart, but all that’s forgiven
we lost our chance to love one another
we’ll love again, but just not each other

farewell by rosie thomas


so, farewell, so long my love
‘cause i was wrong, i guess
farewell, so long
‘cause i was wrong, i confess

stubborn love by the lumineers


she’ll lie and steal and cheat and beg you from her knees
makes you think she means it this time
she’ll tear a hole in you, one you can’t repair
but i love her still, i don’t really care

when we were young, oh, oh we did enough

little house by amanda seyfried


i love this place, but it’s haunted without you
my tired heart is beating so slow

it’s not said, i always know

nothing like you and i by the perishers


we spent some time together, crying
spent some time just trying to let each other go

there’s nothing like you and i
so why do i even try?

after after all by william fitzsimmons


i still love you, i still want you
i still need you, afterall

.zip file of the mix

*this sounds hyperbolic. i know. but seriously, if ever there was a question of what on-screen chemistry looked like, i'd cite jonathan jackson and becky herbst. without a doubt. (and if you're questioning my taste, know that a very, very close second would be zachary levi and yvonne strahovski. ...which i suppose could make you question my taste even further, but at least you've got some sort of barometer of where i stand.)

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